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Everyone knows that porn has been the engine of technology and catalyst of technological progress throughout all epochs of human existence. Immediately after the appearance of the printing press, the Bible was printed first, and immediately after it – pictures, texts, and poems with pornographic content. It is clear that as soon as people learned how to make movies, they decided to make a porno. A lot of time has passed since that time, but if you think about it today, nothing changes. 


“The Internet wouldn’t exist without porn and Star Trek” — Rick Berman, producer of the “Star Trek”.


It is not surprising that porn sites, webcam services, and erotic stories are so popular. The most interesting thing is that from the very beginning, this area practically did not need additional promotion, because, in the good old days, news about the appearance of a new porn site on the Internet flew like lightning! Today is a completely different story, but no less interesting… 


How did it all start? 


In 1896, the very first adult-only film was shot, and it lasted only 7 minutes – “Le Coucher de la Mariee”. A little story about how a cute vintage madam undresses in her bathroom and gets ready for bed. In the 1960s and early 1970s, pornographic theatres were at the peak of popularity. The performances were in “live mode”, and there were even more people willing to watch than the theater capacity could afford. And the actors were tired of giving their performances if you know what I mean…


It was necessary to make a movie, and this idea captured many directors of that time! As soon as tape recorders appeared, the era of VHS cassettes with porn began. With the advent of computers, porn has rapidly migrated to the format of “zeros and ones”. Now short clips, photos, pictures, and memes could be sent to friends in real-time!  


Although, at the very beginning, this process took quite a long time. People have been waiting for hours for their porn videos and pictures. Who knows, maybe this is what prompted great minds to create high-speed Internet and modern data transfer protocols? 


Started your own business and need help? 


Today, new sites appear every day, and every new player in the market wants to attract 150% attention to their product. It is no longer possible to rely only on customer recommendations – today there are a huge number of effective ways to quickly promote, search and inform your audience and find your fans! 


A new word in porn is webcam services that allow you to communicate with different models and create your own porn show in real-time. But, there is a huge competition here, because many girls have realized that this is a good business, and also quite pleasant for themselves. To get into the ranks of best onlyfans girls, you need to promote and develop your account. 


Today, many modern advertising services work like a social network – there are those who offer their services and those who want and are ready to buy. Combine them – you have an ideal environment for a seller and a buyer, even for the most unusual products and services. This is especially true for the account promoting and searching for a large number of potentially interested customers.


Boards with porn files 


In fact, long before the Internet appeared, digital pornography began to make its way onto users’ computers. The network protocol of Usenet newsgroups was a very simple message board, but after the invention of 8-bit in ASCII text, it became clear that now these boards can be used to download binary files. Of course, it was porn, but what else???


In 1996, more than half of all message boards began to contain adult content. One of the most famous is the good old, which achieved record attendance per day – 500,000 users! At that time, 83.5% of the images on Usenet were pornographic. People were interested in software, but even then they were sitting on the Internet partly because of the piquant materials available! 


Another important detail of pornographic sites of the past is the appearance of digital scanners with good image resolution. Users started simply scanning and uploading their Playboy and Penthouse collections! 


In the 90s, many site owners started taking money from users for access to their sites and files. If you want to watch high-quality porn, you must pay! Even completely new software packages had to be developed for these purposes, and nationwide BBS networks were created. 


But, no one just wanted to pay for viewing, users wanted to buy content. In 1993, the new Event Horizons message board began earning more than $3.2 million per year on adult content. The head of the board, Jim Maxey, hired a whole staff of employees who were engaged only in scanning erotic images, formatting and uploading.


Step forward – creating your own content 


Obviously, continuing to just scan images is a dead end. Technology has evolved, and now that the graphics have been opened and not archived in zip files. And everyone was already tired of the old Playboy pics, people wanted new porn, new girls in hot photos! 


Now you just had to take pictures of naked girls, guys, or all together, use some HTML – you had your own product for sale with stunningly low costs. It could be done at home, just pay the models, or promise them fame on the whole Internet. 


Very soon, very cheap content flowed from the countries of Eastern Europe and the former USSR. The West was delighted – it was possible to buy DVDs for only 100 – 200 dollars, and they were full of photos of young girls from the Czech Republic or Hungary! Users paid 20-30 dollars per month in America for access to sites full of brand-new hot content in the 90s, so the purchase of a disk paid off in just a couple of days, or even faster. 


Movies will replace photos 


Of course, the next step was the ability to download, purchase and view video files. At first, it was a very long process, but then the download became faster. Or you can watch browser videos on your computer, which has become even more convenient. Of course, there were many videos on a variety of topics, but porn has always occupied a leading place in this list. People want to have fun, and they are willing to pay for it! 


The most popular porn sites today can be called – PornHub and XVideos. Moreover, XVideos has been working for free since 2007 – it is a real dinosaur of the porn world, which is still alive, thriving, and ready to change according to the tastes of its audience. It hosts more than 9,000,000,000 video files! Here you can not just watch and download, but also communicate, comment, and even make friends by interests. 


PornHub is already a brand that has also existed since 2007. They have even more videos, but for various reasons, the site is less visited than XVideos. One of the main consumers of PornHub was Russia, but since 2014, the access for Russians was suddenly blocked. And now to access the site you need to use social networks. This method scares many users, so PornHub has almost lost a huge market itself. 


But, as usual, users always want more, and therefore real live porn has begun to gain momentum. 


Webcam services have blown up the Internet 


If you look at any list of the best porn sites, you will definitely find Bongacams and Chaturbate at the top of the list. But, sophisticated users know that these are services for webcam video entertainment. Well, it may seem like new entertainment, but in fact, the first webcam services appeared back in 1994! 


At that time, VidCall software was used to transmit video conferences, and it was decided to use it also for entertainment purposes. To transmit the image in real time – you could watch the go-go dancers’ show and strippers!


The entertainment was quite expensive, and every minute of viewing was paid for. But, people were willing, and the novelty attracted thousands of new customers. One of the most famous studios that sold “live” content is ClubLove. You could watch the show, and then, if you want, even chat with a girl for an additional fee! The site has achieved such success that the Los Angeles Times wrote about it! 


Of course, at that time there was no question of working at home – the girls had to come to the studio. Today, a lot of models simply equip a room for themselves and work from home, again, thanks to the achievements of the Internet industry. 


The cost of one minute of watching a show from an online stripper was about $ 5. For an hour of work, she received $ 50 – a good rate at that time! 


The first webcam entertainment site 


In 1996, JenniCam appeared – the first website for fans of webcams and peeping girls. Jennifer Ringley broadcast her life – users could spy on the girl and her personal life. However, in those years, updates of images from the camera occurred every 2-5 minutes, which made it difficult to view. Jenny installed a second camera, and the process went faster. 


In 1998, a clone of the site appeared – AmandaCam, but now a new feature has been added – you could chat with a girl! Of course, many people asked to do something… erotic. Access to such live shows was paid, and users could enjoy spying on the personal lives of beauties for 15-20 dollars a year. 


Later, the VideoSecrets resource appeared – a platform that combined broadcasts from a variety of resources. Users could already choose who and when to watch. 


The creators of the services tried to attract customers by any means – porn actresses, explicit scenes, the ability to communicate by phone with girls. And the girls, in turn, tried to stretch the conversation as long as possible in order to leave the client’s request to undress or show certain naked body parts for a sweet end. Everything is the same as today, agree! 


The period up to 2001 can be called a trial period in the history of webcam. In 2001, the LiveJasmin website was created, which still works today. There were already certain requirements for the appearance of the models, and the site was quite strictly regulated in what conditions you can do with the broadcast. Now the girls should take care of how the interior of their room looks – it should be chic, enticing, and sexy, otherwise, nothing will work. 

Mostly young and appetizing girls were invited to the site, but for certain categories, ladies of the milf category, as well as mature women, were also suitable. 


A lot has changed since then, there are many more categories in which girls can perform online. Each of them has its own requirements for appearance, attributes, as well as the type of the girl’s room. A guy is also connected here, as well as rooms for group sex, and from a wide variety of fetishes! 


New items continue to appear


Today, webcam services will not surprise anyone anymore – there are a lot of them, there are also platforms that give advice on finding exactly the topic that interests each individual user. And yet, we must pay tribute to the industry – it is constantly evolving. 


Completely new words in webcam questions are virtual technologies. Today you can use a virtual reality helmet or glasses so that they can just watch the Show, and generally participate in it! And models also have to fight for their popularity and success, because now it’s not enough to just have a pretty face, a beautiful body, and a matching interior. 


But now models have to invest a lot of money in the equipment of their studio – modern video cameras, and now also cameras for recording images that can be combined with VR glasses. 


It is even difficult to imagine what will happen next if only 5 seconds is enough today to put on glasses and be in the model’s room. You can even add that modern equipment even allows the use of sex toys, which will also be synchronized with the video. 


If earlier people were delighted that they managed to get a pornographic image, a picture, or a short video, today even all these virtual miracles seem insufficient. New technologies are being developed that create a unique erotic environment on the Internet, which will allow everyone to experience sensations that may not even be available to us in real life! Of course, modern achievements are not worth being proud of, but sometimes I want to ask the question – what will happen next?

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